If there’s one spot to go fishing, it has to be the Bahamas. These islands are just a quick hop from Florida’s eastern coast, easily accessible by boat, plane, or cruise. There’s no excuse not to plan a trip here! The sun, the beach, the food, the people, and the awesome fishing! Make sure to book a deep sea fishing charter to get the best experience possible, if you’re lucky you’ll snag a marlin or sailfish. We’ll give you the insider scoop on the best times to go and catch certain species. You Bahamas fishing trip won’t get better than this.

Blue Marlin
This is the king of the sea, well maybe behind the great white shark or a humpback whale. These fish are among the most prized to catch, mainly because of their size and strength. To catch a blue marlin is one thing, to reel it up to the boat is another. Not many people can say they’ve caught one of these behemoths. Hopefully your Bahamas fishing trip produces a trophy marlin.
Best Seasons: May-June
Second Best: March, April, October, November

These beautiful fish are well known for their huge sails. They can grow to nearly 10 feet in length and normally don’t get to over 200lbs. When they swim, their infamous sail is to folded down. It only becomes raised when the fish gets threatened or excited. Catching one can be tough. They are one of the fastest fish out there, clocking in at speeds of 68 miles an hour.
Best Seasons: April
Second Best: March, May

Mahi Mahi
Also known as dolphin, these brightly colored fish put up a good fight. If you catch one, you are likely to catch a few more as they roam in groups. Generally they why anywhere from 15-40lbs. Their differing colors make them stand out in the water. They typically feed on flying fish, squid, mackerel, and crabs. Once you get to around 120 feet depth in the ocean, you should start looking for debris. This can be anything like a bucket lid to a palm frond. Also look for frigatebirds. Frigatebirds dive for food near this debris, and it shows the presence of microscopic creatures. This can also mean that Mahi Mahi and other deep sea dwelling fish are nearby.
Best Seasons: April
Second Best: March, May

For these babies, you have to head to the flats. Bonefish are abundant in the Bahamas, especially the outlying islands. These fish typically weigh up to 19lbs and won’t grow much longer than 35 inches. They hang out in the flats to feed off mollusks, crab, shrimp, fry, and worms. A popular way to catch bonefish is to fly fish for them. This is called bonefishing and is extremely popular in the Bahamas.
Best Seasons: March, April
Second Best: Any

Be sure to take a look at this Gamefish Chart for the Out Islands of the Bahamas to find other species like wahoo, tarpon, shark, and more. And be sure to grab our comprehensive Bahamas Fishing Charts, like the Northern Bahamas Bathymetric Fishing Chart or the SE Florida Swordfish & Trolling Chart which features the West Bahamas. You’re sure to catch something great during your next Bahamas fishing trip!

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