We all love the feeling of learning a new, surprising fact. Then we go out and tell a friend, and watch their reaction, usually awe. As kids, many of us read those Guinness World Record books then told everyone in class about the person who could hold their breath longest, or the heaviest cow in the world. We have a ton of new bass fishing facts you can tell your friends during your next outing on the water.

  • Bass don’t have eyelids
    It’s crazy but if you look hard enough at your next catch you will notice they don’t have eyelids. Bass tend to avoid the sun, because of this. The light actually does not hurt their eyes though. There is a dark pigment around nerve cells in their eyes to prevent any pain.
  • Bass prefer temperatures of 82-84 degrees Fahrenheit
    Largemouth like it hot! They can function in temperatures from 39-90 degrees, but 82-84 degrees is their sweet spot.
  • Bass prefer water that is pH 5-8.5
    Do you remember the pH scale? Battery acid is 0 and 14 is drain cleaner. The neutral point 7 is pure water. Anything outside 5-8.5 pH is not tolerable for bass.
  • Smallmouth bass can eat forage fish up to ¼ of its length
  • Largemouth bass can eat bait fish up to ⅓ of its length
  • Bigger bass spawn sooner than smaller ones
  • Male bass guard the eggs
  • Bass have 6 senses
    That 6th sense is not seeing dead people. It’s called the lateral line. A row of pores is filled with water and nerve endings. These pores allow bass to detect very low vibrations in the water. This 6th sense helps them feed in the dark without sight.
  • Bass can discern red better than any other color
  • There is a tie for the world record largemouth bass
    The first was caught in 1932 in Georgia by George Perry. It weighed in at 22 pounds and 4 ounces. The other wasn’t caught until 2009 in Japan by Manabu Kurita, and had the exact same weight.

We hope you enjoyed these facts and learned something new! If you have a bass fishing fact that we didn’t cover, leave it in the comments.

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