Maine is a top outdoor destination in the United States, and fishing here is great year round. In the winter you may be expected to pull out the drill to dig into the frozen lakes for ice fishing. But as the ice thaws, you can head out for beautiful fly fishing and bass fishing on the state’s many lakes, rivers, and streams. Maine may not be known for saltwater fishing, but there are quite a few spots for catching striped bass. The best fishing times in Maine vary from fish to fish and region to region. We’ll discuss some of the most popular fish and the best times to catch them.

Striped Bass

Casco Bay (Chart 101E and 101F)  is situated along Maine’s southern coast right on the Atlantic Ocean. It’s full of striped bass and is well known for their legendary annual migration. The best fishing times of striped bass are early June through September.

Atlantic Bluefin Tuna
These giants of the sea are a favorite for sport fishermen in Maine. You will need to head off the coast a bit to catch these babies. The best fishing times for bluefin tuna in Maine are June through October. There are catch limits so check the local regulations.

Maine Halibut

Open season for these fish is May 1 through July 31 in Maine. Anytime during this open season you are likely to catch a halibut or two in Maine.


These are a no-fail fish in Maine. They are very common and quite easy to catch. They only grow to 2 pounds, but they can be found almost anywhere. The best fishing times for mackerel are May through October.


Bluefish aren’t as common as striped bass, but if you catch one they’ll put up a good fight. The best fishing times for them are summer months, late June through September.

If you’re planning a fishing trip to Maine’s coast, don’t forget your Waterproof Chart. We offer charts for Casco Bay to Saco Bay, Penobscot Bay, Camden and Rockport, and more. The best time to go fishing is now! So get out on the water, drop a line, and see what’s biting.

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