If you happen to own a boat, then you must be well aware of the fact that whatever the size of your boat, maintenance is of top priority. Regular maintenance checks, small repairs every now and then, and a good polish in between will ensure that your boat stays in perfect condition.
Boat maintenance is not all that tough and if you are ready for some elbow grease, you can save paying a contractor to come work on your boat.
Here are some tips to help you out.

The first rule: Wash

The first and foremost rule also happens to be the simplest when it comes to boat maintenance. You need to rinse your boat thoroughly with fresh water every time you take your boat out in the water. This is especially important if you take out your boat in saltwater. Salt residue should be completely removed or else it will corrode your boat quickly.

Keep the engines dry

The engines are the heart of your boat. Proper functioning of engines ensures that your boat stays in good condition and works smoothly. Always keep your engine clean and dry. Regularly service your engine and make sure that water does not collect anywhere near the engine.

Ensure maximum protection during the summers

During the hot summer months, you will need to give your boat a double coat of wax in order to avoid the bleaching effect of the sun on your boat’s surface. Make sure to be thorough while using the wax as it is important to cover every inch of the boat.

Check the electronics

Keep a close eye on the GPS, compass, radars, and any other electronic systems. Make sure that they are kept dry at all times. Test your electronic equipment regularly to make sure that they are fully functioning and reliable

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