We all love reeling in a lunker, those huge bass that bend your rod and give you a good fight. Many of us that focus on freshwater fishing tend to go after only largemouth and smallmouth bass. But there are tons of other freshwater fish to catch! Do you know about alligator gar? How about peacock bass? So leave the bass for a day, they’ll be there tomorrow, and try to catch a few of these other freshwater fish species.

Alligator Gar – Wikipedia

Alligator Gar

These things can get massive! You will recognize them because they look like some prehistoric alligator with fins. Their long snout hides their rows of sharp teeth. Although these aren’t your best catch, they still put up a good fight, as long as they don’t bite through your line.  

Peacock Bass – Wikipedia

Peacock Bass

These aren’t your ordinary bass. They reside in tropical areas like South America, as well as south Florida. Florida officials introduced this non-native species in 1984. They were used to target other non-native species like spotted tilapia. If you live in Miami or Fort Lauderdale, you can likely find some of these fish in canals and waterways. The butterfly peacock bass can reach 29 inches in length.

Crappie – Wikipedia


Don’t let the name make you cast aside these fish. Crappie are very common in North America and can be caught on a variety of lures. The reason these fish aren’t too popular for anglers is likely their small size. The larges black crappie weighs in at 5lb and 5.2lb for a white crappie.

Channel Catfish

You are likely to find these freshwater fish in the southern and midwestern states. They will feed on crayfish, baitfish, and insects. You can try a variety of methods like using jigs, nightcrawlers, bread balls, or cut bait. Check out Take Me Fishing’s guide to channel catfish habitats.

If you want to easily find fish, our Lake Fishing Charts pinpoint the top spots for many of these freshwater species. Our Lake Okeechobee Fishing Chart will help you locate bass, bluegill, and crappie. See what our other Lake Fishing Charts have to offer.

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