You’ve seen them on the water, on tv, in the back bays. They’re kayak fishermen, and, boy, don’t you envy them. They’re as close to the fish as you can get without being in the water. Their gear is simple; a kayak, propelled only by their bodies, light tackle, only the amount of gear that can fit in the small storage spaces. Man, you’ve gotta get one of those. So you do! You decide you want to try it out. No more lugging the boat on the trailer, taking it to the water, paying for gas, bringing it in and hitching it back to the trailer. Nope, now all you have to do is carry this baby to the water and you’re off.

What is needed for the perfect kayak fishing trip? We’ll give you our favorite kayak fishing tips to help get you on your way to landing some gorgeous fish. You can also use this infographic from to see what you might need.

Alright, so you want to kayak fish. First, obviously, you need a kayak! Many kayak fishermen opt for the peddle-powered versions. These allow you hands free movement, letting you hold the rod. Make sure you don’t go for the cheapest option. Yeah it’ll save you money right now, but how long will it last? Is it comfortable? It’s a good idea to look at reviews of these in magazines or online to see what buyers say. Don’t forget to look for storage space! You need to be able to fit your Waterproof Charts on your kayak so you can expertly navigate.

Next, you need your fishing gear. There are some pieces of equipment meant just for kayaks. You’ll probably want to have a kayak anchor, to help you stay in one place while fishing. What about a rod holder to mount on the kayak? You’ll want to wear a safety vest that’s not too bulky. You’re so close to the water it’s important to have it on at all times. Also make sure you have other emergency gear like a first aid kit, knife, and light.

Now, for the fish catching part. You can keep your normal tackle and rod, but you may need to lighten the load. How far down can you lighten your tackle box? Remember it all needs to fit onboard. You’ll definitely need your rod and reel. Also, some extra tackle like hooks, line, sinkers. Then you’ll need your lures or bait. If you bring bait, you’ll need a small ice box for them. Less is better on a kayak!

For clothing, you need to gear up. You will want a hat, one with great sun protection as you’re in the direct sunlight. Wear a comfortable, long-sleeve fishing shirt. You can wear swim trunks or shorts, but be sure to cover all exposed areas with sunscreen. Lastly, you need plenty of food and water. Not only is kayak fishing fun, it’s a lot of physical work. Fuel your body right.
Well, those are the basics! Of course there are tons of other goodies you can buy. You’ll probably see them at the sporting goods store and think you need them. Just remember that you need the basics, anything extra may not even fit, so plan wisely.

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