If you have never gone night fishing, you are in for an experience. It takes a bit of planning before you head out, but once you are out there in the dead of night, don’t be surprised if you start getting lots of bites. Night fishing can be dangerous for the unprepared. So we have some tips to help keep you safe at night, as well as ensure your lines are tight.

The first step you are going to want to take is to plan exactly where you are going. Boating at night is not the safest time to head out. Unless you know the waters like the back of your hand, it is important to go through the area by day and scope out potential hazards. Once you are comfortable navigating to your destination, you can get the boat ready for some night fishing action.

One safety precaution you must remember to make at night is to keep your running lights on while you are in motion, and your white light on when anchored or stopped. This will help other night boaters see where you are before they get too close.

One other light you may want to get for you boat is a hull light. These lights attach under the boat and produce a nice glow. This glow is great for attracting curious fish. You may want to get some headlamps to help you handle your tackle. It will be tough once you catch something to see exactly where the hook is if you don’t have a headlamp. Another great fishing invention is fluorescent line. Using black lights can lead this line to shine. Some believe this shiny line attracts fish while others think it deters them.

Check your local weather to make sure no storms or potential bad weather will pop up while you are out. The last thing you need during a night trip is to hit bad weather or choppy waters.

Some of the advantages of fishing at night includes cooler temperatures (great for hot areas like Florida). Night fishing can also be done in fresh and saltwater.

So if you plan to do some night fishing, get your gear, take a few precautions, and you can expect some bites. Don’t forget to bring your Waterproof Charts of the area to help you navigate.

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