Coastal fishing or saltwater fishing is a broad term for fishing in the ocean. It can be done from the shore or on a boat in between the seas. Some of the common saltwater fish that can be captured are cod, sharks, snappers, marlins, mackerels, flounders etc. Having the proper equipment is vital in ensuring a decent catch in the ocean. The kind of boats and fishing tackles that are used depend on the species of the fish one is interested in catching. Read on get some insights into the world of coastal fishing-

• Use good quality live bait- It is advised to use live bait for fishing in the ocean as it is a time taking endeavor. Live shrimps work the best when properly maintained. Make sure your bait is in the best shape possible. Avoid using frozen baits as they are not fresh enough to attract live game. Also make sure that you keep your live bait submerged and away from sunlight. Implement a “Water bait aerator” to keep the oxygen levels in the bait water high.

• Using the correct fishing knots- The Bimini twist is said to be the best fishing knot which can retain its complete strength when tied. The correct knot can ensure big catch and less failures when the struggle to pull the fish out of water begins.

• Use Waterproof charts for plotting your course- When it comes to navigating the coasts for fishing, nothing beats the waterproof charts at These big tear-proof water resistant charts are ideal for carrying into the ocean. They provide extremely detailed coverage of the coastlines including all the complex waterways along with GPS guided locations.

• Talk to the locals- You should always make it a habit to talk to the locals living in the coasts regarding the best times to fish and the correct spots to hunt for. The locals can also provide useful information about the kind of bait that works the best and the correct time of the year to use them.

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