You save up and finally get your boat! You can’t imagine anything better. You head out on the water every weekend, invite the family and friends, and have a great time. But then you start noticing something. Your boat needs more. You see the gear and boat accessories at the store and start daydreaming about adding more and more. So what boat accessories should you be spending your hard earned money on? We’ll give you a few of our favorites!

Boating Grill

Whoever invented the boating grill was genius! It attaches right onto the boat and it’s the perfect size. No longer will you need to pack cold sandwiches to eat on the water. Now you can cook up some BBQ, kebabs, burgers, and hot dogs right there in the boat!

Foldable Beach Wagon

Carrying everything you need for a trip out on the water can be a hassle. This is especially true if the car has to be parked away from the boat dock. This is where a foldable beach wagon comes in! This wagon can be packed up and help you get all your gear on board in one trip. Don’t spend all your time and energy just to bring stuff on and off the boat, spend your time out on the water!


Underwater LED Lights

You never thought you needed these, but once you see the picture you know you have to have them. Underwater LED lights can help attract fish, great for the nighttime fisherman. But they also just look cool! Everyone is sure to notice your boat if you’re cruising around near sunset with these underwater lights.

Pet Ladder

If you love bringing your dog out on the water you’ll need this. This pet ladder will help your pup get into and out of the water with ease. No longer will you need to hoist them up onto the swim platform.

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