Sailboat General Equipment Terms

Equipment Terms Auxiliary – A sailboat’s engine, or a sailboat with an engine Ballast – The weight in a sailboat’s keel, sometimes in a centerboard, that helps keep the boat from heeling too much Beam – The width of the boat at its widest...

Boat Accessories

You save up and finally get your boat! You can’t imagine anything better. You head out on the water every weekend, invite the family and friends, and have a great time. But then you start noticing something. Your boat needs more. You see the gear and boat accessories...

Boating Navigation Buoys and What They Mean

Being on a boat can seem like being in another world. All the different words, left isn’t left on the water it is port, and right is now starboard. There is a lot to learn and remember when you’re a boater. Aside from learning the lingo, you need to know all the...

5 Boating Rules You May Not Know

No matter if you are brand new to the water, or have spent years boating, you need to know and take heed to the boating rules of the road. Disobeying common boating rules can upset other boaters, get you a ticket, or cause a collision injuring yourself and others....

Economical Fishing Boat Ideas

You’re tired of fishing from the shore. You see everyone out in their boats and kayaks able to hit those hard to reach honey holes. You want in on the action! It’s time for you to get your first fishing boat. Don’t worry if you don’t have thousands to shell out for a...

How to Take Dogs on Boats

Some of us just wish we could take our dogs everywhere. The store, out to eat, the beach. What about on your boat? You know they’ll love it! But there are some steps you’ll want to take to get your pup ready for the open water. Not every dog is meant for the seafaring...

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Corona Virus Update

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