Rule of Twelfths

Rule of Twelfths

When you need to know approximately how much water is below your boat at a particular time of day, in a particular place, and you have access to the tide tables, the "Rule of Twelfths" will serve you well. It's an easy-to- use guide for...

Navigation Rules/Rules of the Road

Pecking order of vessels. There is a basic order, in the navigation rules, that governs who stays out of the way of whom. Essentially, the hardest to maneuver vessels are stand-on while the easiest to maneuver vessels are give-way. In the following list vessels...

Rules of Thumb for Tides: 50/90, Thirds, Twelfths

Rule of 50/90 is used to estimate current speed at the end of each hour of the six-hour tidal period 50/90 Rule gives you “… the SPEED OF THE CURRENT at the end of each hour.” Counting from slack, the current will flow at 50% of its maximum speed at the...

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