You’re tired of fishing from the shore. You see everyone out in their boats and kayaks able to hit those hard to reach honey holes. You want in on the action! It’s time for you to get your first fishing boat. Don’t worry if you don’t have thousands to shell out for a bass fishing boat or high speed center console. We have some ideas that can help get you going on the water for less than you think.

Jon Boats

These boats aluminum fishing boats are sometimes referred to as Jon Boats. They are very plain, but super durable and lightweight. They are quite cheap, usually a few hundred dollars as they don’t come with motors or steering. It’s a good idea to grab one of these and attach an outboard motor to the back.


These are becoming all the rage for the ultra outdoorsmen. They make a great introductory fishing boat, as they can be relatively cheap. They’re much easier to store than a typical boat and can be transported on top of your car. Many have storage compartments for your bait and tackle. They’re great to take out on the lake, river, or bay. You can even get them peddle-powered for hands free maneuvering.

Flats Boat

This type of boat is the one you see anglers using in the shallows. It’s mainly used for saltwater fishing, generally for redfish, snook, and other shallow water dwellers. This boat’s shallow hull allows you to get close to mangroves and grassy areas you can’t with bigger boats. In the shallowest water, you generally use a long pole to maneuver, in order to prevent motor damage.


Although canoes don’t offer the clever storage spaces like kayaks, you can fit more people. If you like going fishing with your friends, a canoe is a good option. You will be required to row a bit, but once you’re out there you can fish in peace and quiet. Just don’t tip!

Once you find your first vessel, you’ll need a navigation chart to help you chart your first journey. At Waterproof Charts we have nautical maps for areas like Lake Okeechobee, Buzzards Bay and Nantucket Sound, and more.

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