When we go to fish, we tend to want to get away from it all. You leave the laptop, the kids, the tv, and stress at home. But most of us will still carry our phones. We may not answer them, but we have them just in case. If you carry your phone on fishing trips, you should make use of it. We found some fishing apps you will get some use out of. So don’t feel bad about carrying your phone around during your next fishing trip. Just don’t answer the phone when you’re on the water with your buddies, because nobody likes listening to people on the phone.

Orvis Ultimate Fly Fishing Guide
There’s nothing better than getting to the river or creek, throwing the line and catching a nice trout on the first go. This app will do as much as it can to help you catch those fish. There are instructions for tying flies, and a field guide to the top flies for fresh and saltwater fishing. iOS and Android

IGFA Mobile

The International Game Fish Association keeps track of record fish. So if you plan to go after the world record, you need this app. It will allow you to search records, plan trips, and track your catches. iOS and Android


This free app helps you find fish, mark, view, and track catches on your phone. It will also give you interactive fishing maps with contour lines, ramps, and more. iOS and Android.


First note, this is our Waterproof Charts app. It’s available for iPhone only currently. You are able to purchase and download Waterproof Charts directly to your phone. When you download, you get one free map “Florida to Puerto Rico & Mona Passage”. We have tons of fishing charts loaded with fishing areas, marinas, and more.

Knot Guide

No longer will you need to memorize hundreds of knots. This app tells you how to tie 103 knots! These knots include fishing, boating, and other types of knots.

The Weather App

Don’t forget this one! Get a powerful weather app to help keep track of the skies throughout the day. The last thing you need is to be 20 miles offshore during a thunderstorm.

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