Top Fishing Apps

Top Fishing Apps

When we go to fish, we tend to want to get away from it all. You leave the laptop, the kids, the tv, and stress at home. But most of us will still carry our phones. We may not answer them, but we have them just in case. If you carry your phone on fishing trips, you...
The Different Types of Fishing Line

The Different Types of Fishing Line

The difference between you landing a trophy, and losing it, is the line. If that line breaks, you’re toast. But some beginning anglers don’t even think much about line. They head to the tackle shop or sporting goods store and prefer to gawk at the rods, reels, and...

Essential Fishing Tackle

You’ve got your rod and reel, as well as a few lures, what else do you need to go fishing? There are quite a few items you may have overlooked, or not known you needed. We will go over some common fishing tackle items you should keep in your tackle box, just in case....

Largemouth Bass Fishing Rods

Why are largemouth bass such a popular fish? It’s not for their taste, it’s for their fight. For a fish generally weighing under 12 pounds, largemouth bass sure bring their A game. Largemouth bass fishing is popular all over the United States. Almost anywhere there is...

Essential Bass Fishing Gear

If you are just getting into bass fishing, it can be hard to figure out exactly what you need. Of course you need a rod and reel. But then there is the line, which type? The hooks, how many and what size? The lures, don’t get me started on the lures! There must be a...

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