The last thing you need when you’re out on the water is to get lost. Getting lost is for roads! On the road, it’s easy to pull over and ask for directions, but it’s not so easy out on the water. It’s important that your boat has the most accurate navigation map so you know exactly where you are going. Having a GPS is handy and reliable. But if you rely on just that, what happens when the batteries run out? A paper chart won’t turn off! Don’t settle for just any chart though, you want the one that will offer the most value.

Luckily, Waterproof Charts offers just that. Waterproof Charts was the first company to successfully re-compile NOAA chart data and print it on a durable, waterproof paper.  Since they derive their nautical charts from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), why not just get a chart from NOAA? Because Waterproof Charts goes in depth! Each navigation chart is derived from multiple NOAA charts, not just one. For each area, Waterproof Charts gathers local knowledge to better tailor each chart. This information includes waterfront dining options, fueling, diving wrecks, marinas, boat launches, fishing areas, and pre-plotted GPS coordinates. You may not think you need a list of dining options right now, but just wait until you bring out your non-seafaring family members who end up getting hungry an hour into the trip. You will be glad to have that information!

Waterproof Charts offers an improved color scheme, so you can easily identify deep and shallow waters. These navigation maps have large print, so there is no pulling out a magnifying glass to read it. Waterproof Charts is always on the lookout for the best way to keep you in the know while you are out on the water. That is why they recently release their iNautical smartphone app. This is for those of you who can’t leave home without your phone. For Android or iPhone, you can download each nautical map and have it stored safely in your phone. All information on the paper charts are now available in these digital versions.

To keep their nautical charts as up to date as possible, Waterproof Charts prints a limited quantity. This ensures that when updates take place, they can quickly roll them out. Other companies print large amounts of charts, then struggle to bring out updated versions because they need to sell off their old ones. Then you, as a customer, end up with an outdated chart without even knowing it. You can rest assured that, at purchase, your Waterproof Chart is the most accurate available.

Waterproof Charts are also the most accurate nautical charts for fishing. No matter if you are fishing Lake St. Clair in Michigan, or fishing in the Gulf of Mexico near southwest Florida, there is a nautical chart for you. Each chart offers specific local information such as GPS waypoints for reefs and wrecks for diving. Certain maps like the Naples Inshore Fishing chart offer kayak launches and trails. There are also details for major fishing areas for freshwater and saltwater species like large and smallmouth bass, pike, catfish, tarpon, snook, and more.

No nautical chart is quite like one from Waterproof Charts. Invest in the knowledge that you will be navigating with confidence when you use a Waterproof Chart, the most accurate nautical charts available.


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1809 Rochester Industrial Drive, Rochester Hills, MI 48309

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