Boating Tips: Navigating New Waters

Moving to a new area and testing out the waters for the first time can be daunting. You can use your sight to stay in the channel, but what happens when you come upon a highly trafficked area? Or maybe you run into an area that looks quite shallow, which locals know...

Waterproof Charts: The Most Accurate Available

The last thing you need when you’re out on the water is to get lost. Getting lost is for roads! On the road, it’s easy to pull over and ask for directions, but it’s not so easy out on the water. It’s important that your boat has the most accurate navigation map so you...

Common Boating Mistakes

If you would rather be out on the water than stuck on land, this article will seem redundant to you. But if you’re just getting started in the boating world, you’ll want to pay close attention. It can be hard to remember all the rules that go along with boating, so...

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