Sailboat General Equipment Terms

Equipment Terms Auxiliary – A sailboat’s engine, or a sailboat with an engine Ballast – The weight in a sailboat’s keel, sometimes in a centerboard, that helps keep the boat from heeling too much Beam – The width of the boat at its widest...

Navigation Rules/Rules of the Road

Pecking order of vessels. There is a basic order, in the navigation rules, that governs who stays out of the way of whom. Essentially, the hardest to maneuver vessels are stand-on while the easiest to maneuver vessels are give-way. In the following list vessels...

Rules of Thumb for Tides: 50/90, Thirds, Twelfths

Rule of 50/90 is used to estimate current speed at the end of each hour of the six-hour tidal period 50/90 Rule gives you “… the SPEED OF THE CURRENT at the end of each hour.” Counting from slack, the current will flow at 50% of its maximum speed at the...
Great Fishing Gifts for Fishermen

Great Fishing Gifts for Fishermen

If you are as obsessed with fishing as we are at Waterproof Charts, you always ask for fishing gear during holidays. We have the fishing gifts you are going to want during Christmas, Hanukkah, or your birthday. And if you aren’t a fisherman, you will want to get this...
Bass Fishing Facts You’ll Want to Share

Bass Fishing Facts You’ll Want to Share

We all love the feeling of learning a new, surprising fact. Then we go out and tell a friend, and watch their reaction, usually awe. As kids, many of us read those Guinness World Record books then told everyone in class about the person who could hold their breath...

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